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Take your business to the next level with a revolutionary claims management software! Spend less time on paperwork, and more time closing deals!

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How it works

Managing claims just got a whole lot easier.

Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition

Keep track of leads and potential clients with the Claims Force acquisition portal. Never worry about leads falling through the cracks as you track your interactions with each client throughout the sales process.

Client Management

Client Management

Forget trying to remember who you need to call and when you need to update a client. Claims Force database can record each transaction, whether it's an email, phone call or text message.

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Who paid who, and when? Claims Force manages payments, making it easy to keep tabs on clients, contractors, and insurance companies. Scale your business with confidence, knowing every penny is accounted for.

Team Communication

Team Communication

Communicate with your team. Ensure your contractors, sales reps, and everyone in between is on the same page. Assign tasks, record phone calls, and schedule follow ups all within the database.

How It Works

The Preferred Choice Among Public Adjusters

Why PA's everywhere are choosing Claims Force

Fully Customizable

Made for all your claims management needs. The CRM is designed so it can be changed to fit your company.

Class Act Support System

We cater to PA's, not the entire world. The smaller niche market means you get personal support, whenever, wherever you need it.

Automate Your Business

Forget being buried in paperwork. Simply upload your documents to Claims Force, the rest is easy. Do more of what you love.


While compromising nothing on the features front, we pass the savings from our simple layout on to you. No fluff, just functionality.

Put Your Team in Sync

Assign account managers, manage tasks, communicate with vendors, and make life simple for you and your accountant.

Superior Integration

Claims Force integrates with various apps that you already use, such as Google Maps and Calendar.

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More reasons to signup

Did we mention it's fully customizable?

Record Everything

One of the best features of Claims Force is its ability to record phone calls. Never worry about verifying what a client or insurance company said, you have proof.

The Stream

View the history of every client with perfect detail. Each assigned user and follower can update the stream with interactions, collections, estimates, etc. See every call, text, and email for each client all in one space.


Keep certain information segmented or private. Want to communicate with an estimator but not reveal all the clients information? Start and share a ticket, which automatically pulls the information you designate as shareable.


Want to view your business from 30,000 feet? DealFlow provides an open snapshot of everything in your pipeline. See how far along each claim is in the process, and select a claim to look at it in detail.

Manage Cash Flow with Ease

Pull up a claim and see all the accounting right in one spot. View the actual copies of checks received, track payables, receivables and other expenses. When estimates are received it automatically updates your claim file.

Email Templates

Sending frequent emails to estimators, clients, and insurance companies? Customize them to suit your needs, and never worry about wasting time typing out the redundant stuff. The templates pull all of your clients pertinent info, including claim number, date of loss, estimates, policy information, etc.

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Common questions and answers
  • Does Claims Force sync with my email inboxes?

    Yes! When you add an email address to Claims Force, you can send emails from inside the CRM. No need to go to a separate inbox on another tab! You can also view all incoming emails in the CRM and receive notifications directly from Claims Force.

  • How does Claims Force help me keep in touch with my contacts?

    When you pull up a claim or client, you will see all history of communication with that person. You will also be able to assign other coworkers to certain follow up tasks, or schedule them yourself. The CRM will prompt you when the time comes to follow up!

  • How do I log calls and SMS from my phone?

    You can actually make calls and texts from within the CRM! No need to log them by hand, Claims Force does it automatically! Simply click on a contact phone number, the CRM will call your phone, start the recorder, and then call your client.

  • How long does it take to setup?

    You can be up and running with Claims Force in as little as 24 hours. Your CRM pro will walk you through a demo and make any necessary customizations to ensure you're off to the races!


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