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Common questions and answers
  • Does Claims Force sync with my email inboxes?

    Yes! When you add an email address to Claims Force, you can send emails from inside the CRM. No need to go to a separate inbox on another tab! You can also view all incoming emails in the CRM and receive notifications directly from Claims Force.

  • How does Claims Force help me keep in touch with my contacts?

    When you pull up a claim or client, you will see all history of communication with that person. You will also be able to assign other coworkers to certain follow up tasks, or schedule them yourself. The CRM will prompt you when the time comes to follow up!

  • How do I log calls and SMS from my phone?

    You can actually make calls and texts from within the CRM! No need to log them by hand, Claims Force does it automatically! Simply click on a contact phone number, the CRM will call your phone, start the recorder, and then call your client.

  • How long does it take to setup?

    You can be up and running with Claims Force in as little as 24 hours. Your CRM pro will walk you through a demo and make any necessary customizations to ensure you're off to the races!


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